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Recent TV outage: controlled burn damaged our equipment

26-Feb-2014: The TV channel outage affecting PBS, CBS, and NBC was caused by fire damage to our equipment earlier this week. Both digital and analog signals have been knocked off the air. Apparently the Cow Mountain controlled burn was not as controlled as it needed to be, and it destroyed some of the equipment we use to rebroadcast those channels.

We've restored the NBC signal (digital KCRA 3) and also moved its analog transmission to channel 43. For CBS (KPIX 5) and PBS (KQED 9) we've setup a temporary antenna, but the main pre-amplifier was destroyed, and the signals won't be as steady or reliable. Since this equipment is custom made, we expect it to take several weeks before replacements can be made.

Feb 2014: Ukiah Viewer, Please Contribute

TIA has not received enough contributions to cover our power bill for the TV transmitters, let alone our annual insurance costs. Obviously, we cannot survive indefinitely this way.

We've started running the scrolling message again to help educate viewers and make them aware that Ukiah TV stations need the financial support of the community. These stations are, after all, on the air for the good of the community. They provide an alternative to other more costly TV services.

We realize that the TIA channels aren't perfect. We've installed a new antenna to help improve NBC which has been difficult to receive. The antenna cost $1000 and will took our volunteers a day to get installed and working. We think it will help, but that's just one small project out of many that require both time and money.

If you watch our Ukiah stations, even if you only watch PBS, please press the contribute button and help keep Ukiah's TIA TV on the air.

Station Signal Loss

Atmospheric and solar conditions can affect the TIA TV signals. At times, the signal can be lost on one or more channels. Often it will return within a few minutes, but weather, smoke, solar flares and other factors can weaken the signal for longer periods of time.

Important Facts:

  • TIA provides free over-the-air television to Ukiah and Redwood valleys.
  • We now transmit in both digital and analog.
  • Programs include ABC, CBS, PBS, FOX and more.
  • TIA is funded entirely by your donations.
  • TIA is non-profit and operated by volunteers.
  • If you're watching TV with an antenna, then you're watching TIA.

About Digital TV in Ukiah:

TIA has begun digital transmissions for various SF channels, including KQED. To receive the signals select the channel (antenna) rescan on your digital DV set or converter box.

If you have a good antenna, you will notice that the picture has improved a lot! For many viewers, it's a perfect picture now.

However, at times, TV signals may "break up into little boxes" or be lost (no signal). Usually this is temporary, but depending on the weather, the condition could last a few hours or days. Unfortunately, this is how digital TV operates. That's considered technical "progress".

We work hard to keep as many stations on air as we can!

Here are other DTV details for Ukiah.

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