TIA Ukiah

Information about TIA

We bring over-the-air TV to Ukiah valley.

What is TIA?

TIA is the Television Improvement Association located in Ukiah, CA.

We are a Ukiah community owned non-profit organization. We are supported by your donations.

Our TV channels first went on-the-air in 1956 in order to give Ukiah viewers an alternative to expensive TV choices like cable and satellite. Now, after 50 years, TIA continues to provide this service to Ukiah and Redwood valleys.

What does TIA do?

From high atop Cow Mountain, TIA rebroadcasts ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, KFTY, and other television channels to residents of the Ukiah area, including Redwood Valley.

Who gets TIA channels?

Most people in the Ukiah and Redwood Valley areas can receive TIA channels right off the air. It costs nothing. All you need is a small UHF antenna and amplifier to receive our signals. The channels are open, not scrambled, and they do not require any special equipment to view them.

Who runs TIA?

TIA is a public community-owned organization, not a commercial enterprise.

We consist of about a hundred members from around Ukiah and Redwood Valley who help keep the TV signals on the air through yearly donations.

TIA is headed by an elected board of directors and a president that supervise the organization and its operation. All are volunteers.

Volunteers also manage operations, handle the engineering, keep the transmitters running, repair broken equipment, run this website, etc.

The TIA board meets once a month, and we also hold an annual meeting for all members each October.

How are we funded?

Our funding comes from you, the Ukiah area TV viewers!

The broadcasters you see on TIA pay nothing, nor do the advertisers.

Our biggest expenses are power, equipment, and insurance.

Help keep us on the air!

We invite you to become a member of TIA by contributing $35 or more each year to keep the TIA channels on the air.

It's a lot cheaper than cable or satellite. Save $400-$600 a year!

Your contribution pays for the power, repair parts, insurance, and FCC licensing required to operate TIA channels.

Please send your contribution to:

PO BOX 342
UKIAH, CA 95482

TIA Phone: 707-391-8559

Thank you for your support!

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